80 years of celebrating the dialect of Lakeland

GIT ALANG FER SUM GRAND MAK  O TAWK (Come and join us for some entertaining talk)


GIT ALANG FER SUM GRAND MAK  O TAWK (Come and join us for some entertaining discourse)


What is the Lakeland Dialect Society?


I'll tell the'


We're nut stuck up er prood i't mooth 

Fer t'main on us was bred in't fells,

We're nobbut wiet, yammly, fwoak

Off t'seeam switch as yersels.


An' like yersels, we clag tight tull

0't bits o'country ways an' looar;

We like ta hod a crack aboot

T'auld dale-fwoak' at hev gone afooar.


Mi fadder, (an' nea doot he's reet),

Sez t's main o't' fell fwoak er o't seame

They "Hawk tagidder" on a drag,

Till Foxy's brush is hung on t'beame.


He sez 'at t' interest (like t' auld Fox)

Is rousan 'noo fer thee an' me,

Soo join, yersels, an git yer kin

Ta join oor own Society.


From The Works of Lance Porter - Lakeland Treasury


Compiled and edited by Ted Relph and Published by the Society

​Formed in 1939, the Lakeland Dialect Society came about out of a series of "Merry Neets" - entertaining get-togethers which would see town and country folk talk, sing and recite poetry in the dialect of the lakeland region of Cumberland, Westmorland and the Furness district of Lancashire, now all in the modern county of Cumbria in the English Lake District. 

The first Lakeland Dialect Society committee met at Tullie House museum and art gallery in Carlisle on June 10.

Members agreed that the aims of the society would be to preserve and celebrate the ancient speech of the region.

2019 was our 80th anniversary year and we marked it with a special day and service of thanksgiving at Carlisle Cathedral. FULL DETAILS ON THE IT'S OOR BUTHDEE PAGE, ABOVE.

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