Promoting, preserving and celebrating the dialect of Lakeland

From the outset the Society was dedicated to the academic study of the Cumbrian dialects and to fostering the dialect speech and writing.  

The constitution states:  The objects of the Society shall be to encourage interest in the writing of Dialect Verse, prose and Drama; to stimulate the publication of Dialect literature and the production of  Dialect Plays; to study the origins and history of  Dialect, Folk-lore, Folk Songs and Local Customs and Traditions. The Society shall endeavour to bring together lovers of dialect so as to develop interest therein.  If possible it shall make tape recordings of the various dialects within the area.        These  remain our aims today.

Despite  difficulties in the years following 1939, the Society got established and flourished.  Membership is currently around 250.  Members live not only in the Lake District but also throughout the UK,  and the rest of the World—all united in a love of “oor mak o’ twoak”!

The Society meets at roughly quarterly intervals, on Saturday afternoons at venues throughout Cumbria.  Prospective members or casual visitors are always warmly welcomed, and a good “crack” is always guaranteed!   A church service conducted in dialect is held biennially and there are occasional public performances.  A Journal published annually is free to all members.  

To join, go on to the web page, or contact a member of the society at the email address below, or telephone.